Additional Services



We offer bathing to our boarding and our full day day-care visitors. This service is based upon dogs weight and will vary. We also offer ear cleaning, nail trims, de-shedding baths, and flea removal (necessary for dogs that show signs of fleas upon check in). Please check our Customer Portal or give us a call to see pricing!


One on one Play time

One on one play time is an additional service that you can select with boarding or day care. During this time, a member of our staff will devote 15 minutes of one on one play time. There will be no other dogs in the yard. Activities can include: tug, fetch, running, water play (weather permitting), and many more. Please check the Customer Portal for pricing or give us a call!


Frozen Kong Treat

If you are worried about your dog being bored or restless in their kennel, then we highly suggest the frozen Kong treat. It will help provide mental stimulation and reward them for many hours. Please check our Customer Portal or give us a call!