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501 Mission Road Southeast

Our brand new facility has been in the works for several years. After much deliberation, many late nights, and years of research; we reached a design. The design created was to allow all shapes and sizes of dogs to be comfortable and feel secure. We offer several suites for overnight stays: Standard, Large, Family, and Double Deck. Standard suites can comfortably house dogs of most sizes. Our Large suites can comfortably house larger breeds or several small breed dogs. Our family suites are designed to house several dogs at a time. Our double deck suites are designed to offer a small accommodation to comfort dogs that might feel scared or distressed. The more confined space mimics a “kennel” type lodging that helps alleviate anxiety.

We also offer nearly an acre of fenced in roaming room. The fresh grass offers room for dogs to explore, relax, and run around. Our exterior is monitored by cameras and staff at all times to ensure your dogs safety. Pet safety is the number one priority at our facility.

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501 Mission Road SE

Cartersville, Georgia 30120